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Blood Price - Book 1 of The Noble of Blood series

published May 2015

The Noble Patriarch had ruled the local lands for over a thousand years,

establishing a lasting peace for the humans and a position of power for his

Nobles. His kind lived in a palace in Noble’s Rest, the largest town of the

land. With his son at his side, his rule had been long and comfortable.


That is all threatened to change, however. His Son has taken a human girl as his Chosen, and that choice has upset the other Nobles in the palace. As events unfold between his son and the girl, the Patriarch is faced with similar events of his own past. Trying to guide his son while also guarding the secrets of their race, he lets slip information that sends his son racing across the lands and away from the palace. Leaving the girl alone and vulnerable.



Dartein has been alive for several centuries, but he had never felt truly alive until he met Josaleene. Defying all Noble custom, he took her as his chosen and bound the two of them together for eternity. But all their happiness does not seem destined to last as long buried secrets seemed determined to tear them apart.


Upset that his father, the Patriarch, seems unwilling to help them, Dartein becomes desperate to find the answer that will save their love. Even with the threat of old enemies lurking nearby, he leaves his lady love to seek out the one thing that may be able to help them. The price of the answer is blood, but whose?

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