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Judi E Jones - Author

Judi E. Jones grew up in a small quiet town in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys painting, cooking, baking and writing. She used to write short novels some years back, but never tried to publish any, but has decided to take up writing again. She resides at home with her husband and two little dogs.


She is currently working on two books, hoping to have one ready for release by the end of 2016.  Watch here for news on its release!

Recent Interview with Judi:


What inspires you to be a writer?


My love of books. I have always loved to read and write. I seem to have stories going around in my head especially at bedtime. As I write, I find myself caught up in the journey that the book is taking me to. Each book takes a person on a different one.


Do you have a specific process you go about when writing?


As a new novel writer, I don’t have a specific process yet, really.  I do like to concentrate on the main character more than supporting characters, to leave the readers either guessing or to give them a bit of mystery.


What motivates you the most?


The love of writing itself motivates me.  I want to share with others my stories.


As a fiction writer, do you find yourself interacting with your characters in your thoughts?

Yes, I do find myself interacting with the characters in thoughts.


Are you planning on writing in other genres besides fantasy?


I love fantasy, but am planning to try other genres.


Do you have any advice for other writers or people who are thinking of writing a book?


For others that may be planning on writing a book, descriptions of people, places and things are important.  Make it easy to read.  I don't like to read a book where the names of the people are hard to pronounce; tripping over names of places and of a person's name, takes the fun out of the reading.  Some books when you read a paragraph, it's hard to understand, so you have to read it over again, maybe even twice, that can confuse the reader, and they may not even finish the book. That has happened to me before. Make the flow easy, and the characters come to life. Most of all have fun with it


What formats are your books sold (or going to be sold) in?  eBook, print or both?


Both eBooks and print.  I myself, love to wrap my hands around a good book.