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Random Bloggings

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my random ramblings about my road into and through author-dom.

By A L Wright, Jun 26 2016 10:10PM


Chapter 1

My name is Latesse Colt. For now. I've been known by several different aliases over the last eleven years. But this one has been with me the longest. When a name starts to feel familiar, that's usually when my alias and location changes. I've been waiting anxiously for that call to come down from the top. But it hasn't happened yet.

I am a special agent with the CIA. My current mission was just finished up in Jamaica, and I was awaiting my departure instructions. It seemed odd to send a white girl to Jamaica on a secret mission, as I really didn't fit in with the locals. But the arms supplier we just took down had a thing for white chicks. My partner in this mission was Gannon Brooks, and since he had lived here his whole life he knew his way around. I was kind of sad to leave him behind, but only because he was genuinely disinterested in me. And I was comfortable with that.

Uncomfortable was me playing ditzy dumb girl, aroused by a rich man with lots of jewelry and pools and cars. All I wanted was his guns. The cold steel ones. His other “gun” would stay locked up with him in prison now. Thank goodness. I'm sure some girl somewhere would be unhappy about that. But they would probably just miss his money since he had tended to be quite loose with it. And that had made him easy to track down.

Having Gannon as a temporary partner had been a nice change for me. I hoped when I did get moved somewhere new, I would finally get a new permanent partner that wouldn't be a total pig. Okay my current partner Isaiah isn’t totally a bad guy, he just doesn't get it. I'm not into him! But he keeps trying anyway, and I keep ignoring most of his attempts. On the times he tries harder, I threaten his manhood and that seems to push the message across. That kind of behavior just makes me look like a cold blooded spy and assassin, which is a great cover on the outside. But it really wears a girl down.

I don’t hate him too much. He is the best backup I have ever had, and really I can see what his interest is in me. At five feet and nine inches I am usually intimidating to most men, but not to a top rated spy like Isaiah Turelli. I think it was the first thing about me he noticed, and he seems to look even harder when I'm sporting four inch heels. I'm not small by any means. I'm pushing one hundred seventy-five pounds and most of it is hard toned muscle. I keep my nails and my jet black hair short, and I don't really wear a lot of makeup. Unless the mission calls for it. Like todays did. And I couldn't wait to scrub it off.

My specialty is hand to hand combat, but I prefer to take out the bad guys from a distance.

Easy in, easy out. That's how I roll. But sometimes you have to play dirty, and get in real close and personal. I am damned good at that, too. Not that I always like it, but it’s all a part of my job.

At Gannon's throat clearing, I came out of my internal thoughts just in time to see beach blond

Isaiah roll up in front of the cafe where we were seated in a bright red Jeep, tropical flower shirt unbuttoned and smoking a cigar. I didn't even know he was on the island. Figures he would be my “exit plan”.

Sighing, I stood up and grabbed my sunglasses and wallet.

“'Twas a pleasure working wit’ ya, Tess girl. Any more bad guys come across our radar I let you know,” Gannon said in his heavy Jamaican accent. He patted me on the shoulder and walked out of the cafe, tossing a peace sign Isaiah's way. Why couldn't all men be more like Gannon and just be happy with a pat on the shoulder?

I exited the cafe after leaving a few bucks on the table. Putting on my oversized sunglasses I braced myself as I headed towards the Jeep. I was still in my ruby red cocktail dress from the mission, and I tuned out the whistles that came my way as I walked towards Isaiah. I couldn't wait to put on some pants.

Sunglasses perched on the tip of his nose, Isaiah blatantly looked me up and down. “Oooh Tess, that's a good color on you. And good job taking down Frankie the Flirt. Though in that dress you'd have any guy on his knees.”

“Just shut up and get me out of here. I really want to change.”

“Good thing I picked up your bags for you. We are heading straight for the strip. You can change on the plane. Just let me know if you need help.” Isaiah winked at me as I strapped on my seat belt, then chuckled like it was actually funny.

“Ugh.” Was all I could manage to say as he sped off down the street. It was going to be a long trip back to home base.

By A L Wright, May 8 2016 12:47AM

I will be giving away 5 paperback copies of Blood Price, starting today May 7th, running through May 14th. Only 100 people will be allowed to enter, so get your entry in ASAP! The lucky winners will be announced Saturday May 14th, and once claimed will be immediately shipped from Amazon. Good luck!

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By A L Wright, Feb 24 2016 01:49AM

Let me tell you what annoys me. From what I have seen so far as an author, there is no separation, or division, between a Romance and a Love Story. When submitting your book or manuscript to a publisher or to list it on a sales site, they ask you to list the categories it falls under. Most of the time you can pick three, sometimes only one or two. So how do you make your book stand out from the rest of the fantasy world? You pick fantasy romance. Or Urban Fantasy. Or paranormal fantasy.... etc.

Now here's what I don't like, is that there is no way by using the categories you have to pick, to let the reader know that your books main story isn't about the romantic situations and goings on of the couple you wrote about. You have to use your descriptions to do that. But that tag, that category "Romance" is still there, hovering about your book to immediately disillusion your potential reader who just wants to read a good fantasy story. This reader would probably take a chance with the book, if they knew up front that it's a fantasy adventure, with a love story mixed in.

Every story has a love story, right? Okay maybe not every single one, but most do. Even Iron Man has a lady love, and Hawkeye has a wife and kids, and The Vision eventually hooks up with... oh that could be a spoiler if you haven't read the comics or watched the animated series... Point is, a good story makes us relate to the human side of the protagonist, right? That's why we love Deadpool.

But there are those readers who aren't in it for the romance, and may leave a bad review of how they were misled, led to believe it was just a fantasy adventure. Yuck, kissy stuff! And you have to keep in mind if there is any sexual imagery then you have to be up front about the romantic aspect so that young or sensitive readers are warned away.

Tricky stuff, this audience targeting is!

So I guess the challenge comes down to, how do we as authors let our audience know the difference between a Romance and a Love Story? Maybe I just need to get better at my book descriptions.

By A L Wright, Jan 25 2016 01:23AM

The Mansion's Twins is a fun tale that can be read by adults both young and mature. Having grown up unaware of each other, Ellie and Savannah met by chance and suddenly their entire reality changed. You see, they each had a secret they couldn't share with anyone else, but once shared with each other they realized how much they had never fit into this normal world. Between this and the fact that they looked identical, they came to the conclusion that they were sisters, twins in fact, and set of to find out more about themselves.

The Mansion's Twins takes you into an alternate world where magic is the "norm" and you can learn to do just about anything. At the heart of the story is the Mansion itself, which is much more than just a house. The twins must quest through this gigantic structure to find it's very center, and they have all sorts of fun, exciting, crazy and scary adventures along the way.

The author built an entire world that was fairly easy to follow, and the history was pretty complete. There were a lot of characters introduced quickly, which I personally can have a hard time with, but each of them were interesting and developed.


By A L Wright, Oct 24 2015 04:07AM

So remember when I said I wasn't going to force words onto paper? Well I was just so darned close to being finished with Blood Ties and it kept eating at me until I finally made the decision to go on a writer's vacation and just get it DONE.

So I headed up north to lovely Sedona, and spent a weekend there at Sky Ranch Lodge. The place was quaint and quiet and very peaceful. The wine bar was just a bonus. So after some sleep, some wine and a nap.. I fell into an inspired state and worked out the ending of the book.

I'm happy with it! And that says a lot. So the next step was mass proofreading edits. What's that? That is something that Laurence from BooksGoSocial came up with to get that initial MS edit out of the way quickly, so the author can move on to major editing.

Jist of it is, each person (author) who signed up to help got a ten page chunk of the book to proofread and edit. They made their marks and notes and sent it back. Takes each person about 15 to 20 minutes. We had all 200+ pages of the book finished in two days! I'm currently browsing through the edit suggestions and I am happy to see that my constant combing over of the book kept it fairly mistake free. There were some things I missed, of course, but that is the beauty of this system.

So anyway, what's next? Once I piece the suggested edits into the book I hand it over to my editor. I will also be finalising the cover. :D

And hopefully I have it all ready for publish before the end of the year. YAY!

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