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Random Bloggings

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my random ramblings about my road into and through author-dom.

By A L Wright, Sep 6 2017 03:18AM

Last Friday my free self- help book on Self Publishing hit #1 in it's category. It's one of those milestones you reach for as an author, and sometimes it takes years to get there. I'm excited to have done it without spending a ton of money on promos and paid clicks. Just done with the good 'ol art of online self-marketing.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against paying for some promos! I love those promos that send deals straight to your email inbox. Those are the best. I love reading through those types of emails myself. Wondering if there are any interesting books to stock up on, and read over the weekends.

But back to my news. #1! I'm over the moon about this!

Not at all ironic that a fiction author with 5 books reaches #1 with a non-fiction book first...


Here's to the future of self-publishing. And hopefully another try at that top spot. :)

Cheers! ~A. L.

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