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Blood Ties - Paperback


Dartein had fled the Palace in the wake of his beloved’s death, and brought with him his newborn daughter to raise her in peace.  But peace did not last long, as the war that threatened them all years ago looms once again on the horizon.  Determined to fortify his new holdings against the goblin hordes, he sets out to seek the helpful skills of a blacksmith, and in doing so brings a human back to his home that unwittingly begins a domino effect that ends in him reuniting with his father, The Patriarch.

Nikkola grew up in relative quiet and safety, protected from the outside world by her father, her father’s guard, and a bevy of Noble fighters and rangers.  Growing up around all men, she is excited to meet the blacksmith her father brings back to the Keep, a human female named Friesa.  The girls become fast friends and sneak off to consult her mysterious and unknown grandfather on turning Friesa into a Noble.  Her impromptu trip to the Palace of The Nobles introduces her to a whole new world of power and a glimpse into the magic she never knew she possessed.