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Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Crushed Velvet by Alicia L Wright is a captivating, dark and thrilling erotic novel that pushes the boundaries of romance. Scorching hot, sizzling, intense and darkly seductive, this novel exposes romance, emotions and a more realistic side of the world. The novel follows a gorgeous college dropout named Theresa, who, at an all time low, signs a contract with the Velvet Undervault. Getting naked with strangers gets the bills paid, but this is not the life she had envisioned for herself. She regrets the decision, but she is bound too tightly to walk out of the life she has created for herself. She meets with Andrew; he is her bodyguard so that no one uses her for more than what she is being paid for. The relationship between the two intensifies when Andrew starts seeing Theresa as more than just a prostitute who sells her body. He genuinely cares for her and wants to help her, even if it means that he will be destroyed in the process. Theresa does not need to rely on any man, but soon she realizes that some good can come out of her life as well. So real and deep, the main characters are so lost. They are flawed and that’s what makes them so beautiful to the reader. You can easily connect with Theresa, who is insecure and unsure of herself, while Andrew is a strong man, yet he too has his moments when he is not as poised as he makes out to be. What I loved about this novel is that it is not just a wishy-washy romance. It has character, drama, psychological elements and is somewhat sweet at times. You will be lost in the plot and you won’t be able to stop reading. So intense and breathtakingly good.

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The Cycle of Abuse

I've recently been asked why I chose to write about sex trafficking, and in such explicit detail, in my newest book Crushed Velvet. THIS is why. (Please click link and read article on the new law making it illegal to arrest minors trafficking in sex). This sounds like something that happens in other countries, but in our own country we have this very issue. 

My book is about an adult woman, but young girls get locked into the sex trade more often that you know. And minors can't escape sex trafficking on their own. Most don't even have the state of mind or sense of self enough to know how to use this new law to get help. Sure the law is passed, but where are the agencies or people to reach out and find these kids to give them help. Government sure ain't gonna do it. This is only a way for traffickers and solicitors to secure their foothold in the minor sex trade. 

Making it legal for minors to sell themselves makes it just so much easier for predators, pimps and hustlers to take advantage. Through fear, demoralization, and abuse (drug, physical, verbal) these kids won't break away on their own now. This law entrenches their very way of life, giving them more freedom to do what keeps them alive. Not living, but alive. And that's all they know.

As a victim of abuse myself, I know the frame of mind a young person is in when it comes to cycles of abuse. There's no clear way out, because you just don't know any better. There's no outreach programs in the shadows; no friends to help because the only friends you have are doing the same things you are. It's a fight to stay alive, to keep food in your belly and to live another day.

I truly hope I am wrong about how things will go after this law takes full effect. But I'm sad to think of how much worse it could truly get.

My upcoming book Crushed Velvet, gives an up front and in your face look at abuse and trauma and the fear that your only option is to stay put and continue to suffer. Sex Trafficking is rampant, and I hope to shed some light on the issue.

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